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House Raising - Northern Brisbane 

Brisbane Northside House Raising

JaMatt Building Solutions are committed to working with their clients to achieve their individual and unique goals. Assisting them from the early planning stages, right through to completion due to their special design and construct services.


Each northside house raise project performed by JaMatt Building Solutions, is done so with great precision and care. The JaMatt builders are renowned for their high standard of work and the quality finishes that they continually produce.


House raising is definitely the ideal form of home renovation as it comes with a number of benefits, many of which include being able to live in the same area and keep the home that you have come to love - just making it more sizeable to suit your needs. By raising your house you are also able to remain conveniently located to schools and your local place of work, you even get to keep the same neighbours that you have grown to love and depend on.


House raising is also a great way to get your dream home, without having to waste money on the expenses associated with buying a new one. There are no agent fees or stamp duty to pay, this is money that you get to invest by using it in your renovation.


One more great perk about house raising is that your furniture can stay inside during the lifting process, as long as no major changes are happening to the interior of the home. This is another way to save money while renovating as you won’t need to pay to keep your furniture in storage.


If you are interested in having your Brisbane house raised, we will be more than happy to assist you. Contact us today for a free house raising quote. If you need assistance with the house raising planning process then Jamatt are able to assist with your needs in this area. Our building designers have drawn 100’s of house raising projects over the years and are some of the most experienced house raising designers in Brisbane.

Have a look at a few of our House Raising Projects

House Raising North Brisbane
North Brisbane House Raising
House Raiser North Brisbane
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