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Second Storey Extensions & Builds

Build On Top & Second Storey Extensions:

Can I build on top of an existing structure or request a second story extension? Can I raise a brick house? This is a question asked by many and if you watch enough television you’ve probably seen a documentary or two where companies in the United States raise brick houses. In Brisbane though this doesn’t occur, there is a far more efficient method of dealing with this scenario.

Raise your roof

In this circumstance you lift your roof up and create an additional storey on top of the house. This process has a number of names which include, but are not limited to the following:

Essentially they all mean the same thing. You lift your roof, insert a new structure and then re-lay the new roof. The whole time the lower level is left intact and protected from the elements and building debris. A series of tarps, careful planning and an efficient and experienced labour force ensures that the new roof is installed and back on within days. Then with the protection of the new roof the fit-out commences, creating your new second level living space.

The Extension Planning

The mind starts to muddle as to how a whole house can be plonked on top of an existing house. The response to this, is that it requires careful planning and engineering. This is something JaMatt Constructions are very good at assisting you with. Our extensive knowledge of residential construction and structural engineering will guide you through the process so that you maximise the results from your Brisbane renovation.

The new level with Brisbane City views?

The new level can have a host of options. Some clients want to extend to create as much new room as possible. Others just want to create a parents retreat with, bedroom, bathroom and walk in robe. Being able to have that little extra space and privacy might be all that you need for your sanity with a growing and ever demanding family. Not to mention, with the peace and quiet of your newly completed renovation comes the new scenic views. Perhaps the Brisbane City lights will now be visible from your bedroom window.

Finding alternative accommodation:

JaMatt Builders in Brisbane have a unique solution to finding you accommodation. It’s right in your own home. Our unique process, style and efficiency will in most cases enable you to remain safely in your own home. Work will go on above without you having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Have a look at a few of our Second Story Extensions

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Secondary Storey - JaMatt
Second Storey - North Brisbane
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