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Granny Flats

Granny flat builder Brisbane


Land is at a premium and the population of the world is only growing. More people want to share the same location than ever before. As builders we’re constantly coming up with more innovative ways to build and live, and the granny flat is testament to this. Brisbane’s weather, relaxed atmosphere and steadily growing economy make it one of the world’s most livable cities. Living begins with your home, getting that right is important, because the correct decision here determines your enjoyment out there. Sometimes that decision comes down to price and there is no more affordable way to live or supplement your living than with a granny flat.

Construction material is varied and plentiful. In the past everything was constructed from similar or the same material. Today is different, there are cost effective strong and easy to construct products that last longer and build quicker than ever before. The result is your Brisbane Granny flat constructed on time, when you want and at a price that you can afford.

Custom Designs for Brisbane granny flat building


JaMatt Building Solutions are custom granny flat building specialists, meaning that we can take a blank canvass and tailor a granny flat to suit your site requirements. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to place an off the plan design into the backyard due to site restrictions or council planning. This is where custom designs are suitable to use and JaMatt will be able to assist you with planning through to construction. Our Building Design team will accompany us to site to begin the site measure and discussion to get your granny flat project started.

Brisbane Shipping Container Granny Flats


JaMatt where possible will utilise shipping containers as a cost effective option for granny flats. We have access to three standard designs from Esplin Building Group which you can choose from below. Shipping container homes, don’t have to be boring, hot boxes. As you can see from the design, these are funky conventional designs that will solve many solutions.

Granny Flat Builder
Granny Flat Builders
Granny Flats Builder
Granny Flats Builders
Granny Flat Design
Granny flat builder brisbane
Granny Flat builders Brisbane
Granny Flats Builder Brisbane
Granny Flats Builders Brisbane
Shipping Container Home Builder
Shipping Container Home Builders
Shipping Container Homes Builder
Shipping Container Homes Builders
Shipping Container House Builder
Shipping Container House Builders
Shipping Container House Brisbane
Shipping Container Houses Brisbane

Contact Us today to discuss your granny flat build.

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